Lucy Rumble Associates provides strategic business and marketing advice to connect business and marketing strategy and support growth. Businesses come to me because I help them take control of marketing and take action to achieve results. I work creatively and collaboratively with people, helping them to think strategically and objectively about marketing while developing in-house skills. I work closely with all my clients, bringing in like-minded expert associates if needed to help you to:

  • Focus marketing direction and planning within your business or organisation.
  • Differentiate, grow and if needed, re-position.
  • Build your own or your team’s marketing skills and confidence.
  • Drive and align marketing projects.
  • Achieve your business marketing objectives.

If you need to focus, or re-focus, marketing within your business;

If you have identified business opportunities but don’t know where to start;

Or if that inner voice keeps nagging you to take control of marketing …

Take a few minutes to read more about my experience and the services Lucy Rumble Associates can offer, and feel free to get in touch to discuss how creative and strategic marketing advice can help you to grow.