I head up Lucy Rumble Associates and work personally with all clients and on all projects, drawing on a number of associates who bring specific skills on a project basis. These include marketing implementation support, public relations and copywriting, customer service, graphic design, website design and business turnaround.  

I am an experienced senior marketing manager and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management with an outstanding academic background (MBA Warwick Business School: distinction; PhD, University of Leeds). I bring a creative, flexible and strategic approach with over sixteen years’ experience in business development and strategy, marketing communications strategy, developing marketing orientation, managing and delivering campaigns and partner management. 

My advice is based on experience working with small and medium businesses across a wide range of sectors and in cultural, education and non-profit organisations. I understand the specific opportunities and challenges of each of these and enjoy getting inside the organisations I work with to find solutions that work perfectly for them. 

My aim is to help people who are passionate about what they do to get their marketing and business messages across effectively.

People choose to work with me because I am open, approachable and give clients the confidence and ideas to market and drive their organisations forward. While I’m always on hand for clients past, present and new, I’m not in the business of tying people into long term contracts or selling add-on services.

If you need a fresh marketing strategy, expert marketing advice and support on a one-off or ongoing basis, or just a ‘fresh pair of eyes’, I can help you translate your business vision into clearly articulated strategies and achievable plans that make the most of your strengths and deliver the objectives that matter to you.

Please give me a call for a no obligation chat about your business needs.