Creative & Cultural

The creative and cultural sector is an exciting and dynamic area to work in but to compete effectively you need to have a detailed understanding of your unique offer, your target markets and communication channels. I work extensively for creative and cultural clients providing expert strategic marketing advice, based on an understanding of the sector and a sensible and creative approach to marketing.

I can help you to: 

  • Develop and implement business and marketing strategies
  • Clarify and promote your value and core offer
  • Create and sell your brand
  • Choose and understand targets
  • Use communication channels and messages effectively
  • Build effective marketing into your business
  • Improve your selling techniques

Services offered

  • Critical friend sessions
  • Strategic workshops for individuals and groups
  • Marketing training
  • Business strategy development
  • Marketing strategy development and planning
  • Message mapping
  • Web analytics/SEO and social media guidance
  • Support for specific marketing projects
  • Staff mentoring, training and CPD