Business Mentoring

Nobody knows everything; nobody has seen everything; and sometimes we’re so busy fire-fighting there are limited opportunities to sit back, recall and apply everything we do know. Even the most experienced and knowledgeable executive will find it hard to be 100% objective about themselves and their business 100% of the time. That’s where expert advice and business mentoring can help.

What could you gain from my owner / executive business mentoring?

  • A fresh pair of (objective) eyes.
  • A critical friend to bounce ideas off.
  • A different set of skills and experiences to complement your strengths / develop your ideas.
  • Experience drawn from a broad range of settings and business problems to add value to your own experience.
  • A supportive expert outside of the business to share the load or test ideas on.

How can staff mentoring help your business?

  • Provides a bridge between owner/management strategy and staff implementation.
  • Supports dissemination and alignment.
  • Helps increase understanding, confidence and skill sets.
  • Addresses specific staff development needs.
  • Demonstrates commitment to and support for staff, particularly during change management initiatives or key projects.
  • Makes expert advice and support available to staff responsible for implementation of strategy and plans