Message Mapping

A key element in successful marketing communications is getting the message right. Message mapping can help avoid common pitfalls including:

  • Not targeting your message to your market.
  • Confusing your target audiences with too many / unclear messages.
  • Not being on-message throughout your organisation and its activities.
  • Dissonance between brand and strategy and the messages you are communicating.

What is message mapping?

There are a wide range of approaches to message mapping. At their core however is developing, agreeing and codifying a clear set of messages for your businesses which: reinforce your vision and strategy; are meaningful for your target audiences; provide a framework for increasing engagement and interest; and which are clearly communicated and understood across your organisation, keeping all communications and activities on-message.

Why do it?

Having a clear understanding of your messages and how they map to your markets and across the organisation will ensure clarity, consistency and alignment. It is also a fantastic tool for devolving business vision and strategy, driving engagement and buy-in and increasing motivation.

I can help you get your message across more effectively by working with you and your team to understand the key messages you need to be driving home to your stakeholders or using to move people through your marketing and sales pipeline. This process is collaborative and usually involves working with people right across your organisation. It is highly creative and highly motivating and at the end of the message mapping process you will have a simple, visually appealing map which can be used and referred to continually to ensure all your communications say exactly what you need to achieve your objectives.