Project Implementation Support

Having decided on your business and marketing strategy the next key challenge for businesses is taking action and maintaining momentum. For smaller businesses it is easy to get tied up in day to day fire-fighting and put off those marketing activities you know you need to do. Sometimes team members in smaller businesses need extra support and direction to enable them to drive strategies forward. In larger businesses there can be a gap between leadership and management strategy and staff implementation.

Lucy Rumble Associates can help with this through:

How can this help?

Project implementation and staff support can take away the burden when you need to kick start your marketing strategies and plans but you or your team just can’t seem to get going. Working with your team over the life of a project I can provide a bridge between leadership strategy and the teams implementing your marketing projects, supporting, monitoring and advising your key staff. This support helps drive alignment, increase motivation and build in-house skills for future projects as well as ensuring the success of a specific project.